New GREETINGS from Parish Mail
Publishing Date: 2/20/2014

PARISH MAIL is a southern gothic YA mystery series -- Veronica Mars meets The Originals.

In the first book, DEAD LETTER OFFICE, our heroine Celia has just moved to New Orleans with her mother.  On Halloween, bizarre supernatural occurrences shock the city and Celia discovers a hundred-year-old letter that describes a murder with eerie similarities to a modern-day killing. With her friend Tilly, a very cool witch, and a trio of to-die-for guys, Celia races to catch the killer using the letter’s supernatural clues. At the end of the book, Celia learns that the letter was just the first of many. The story continues in Book 2, POST MORTEM, with an extremely creepy crime and an expanding set of characters.

For the third book, SEASON'S GREETINGS, available on November 19th, author Kira Snyder decided to write a true holiday episode – all of the normal mystery and magic, but wrapped up in more coziness and warmth. Kira wrote SEASON'S GREETINGS to stand o
n its own, so it’s a perfect introduction to the world of PARISH MAIL, particularly if you’re curled up next to the fire drinking a cup of hot cocoa. 

Dead Letters cover Post Mortem cover

And the new cover...

Parish Mail cover

Interactive Fiction
Kira Snyder imageKira is one of the writer/producers of The 100 on the CW, and her roots in screenwriting shine throughout the series. Each book is crafted as an episode within a set of larger story arcs and themes.

Kira also includes a nod to her background in game design, letting readers play detective alongside Celia. As in life, there are consequences for your choices, and some of the different stories lead to particularly juicy scenes or clues about the series’ over-arching mysteries.

You can find out more about Kira here on her blog and follow her on Twitter @sugarjonz


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