Voice & On-Camera Interviews

YA Music Interview - EXCLUSIVE: Brother and Sister Music Duo Brandon and Savannah | Young Adult Mag

At 10am on June 21st brother and sister music duo, Brandon and Savannah took some time out of their summer break in Florida...

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YA Actor Interview - Camplified Tour | Young Adult Mag

Camplified tour is an orginization that brings young new artists to various camps...

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YA Author Interview - The Letter Q Event | Young Adult Mag

On June 28th I had the pleasure of attending a reading for the book The Letter Q. The reading was done at an independent bookstore in Brooklyn called, WORD. After making my way downstairs and taking my seat, the bookseller in charge got up and announced the line up...

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YA Author Interview - MAJOR EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Armentrout | Young Adult Mag

Author Jennifer Armentrout candidly shares her thoughts on writing, her new book Onyx...

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YA Actor Interview - A Hollywood Heights Threesome | Young Adult Mag

As I stated in my Letter I'm a huge fan of Hollywood Heights.

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YA Actor Interview - Cody Longo | Young Adult Mag

Cody Longo star of Hollywood Heights, talks wanting to star in Fifty Shades of Grey

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YA Actor Interview - Ashley Holliday | Young Adult Mag

Ashley Holliday discusses Hollywood Heights with some SPOILERS

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YA Author Interview - A Video Interview Giveaway with Chrys Phillips | Young Adult Mag

Chrys Phillips took the time to skype with us...

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YA Actor Interview - Shane Harper of Happyland | Young Adult Mag

As Austin Welch on Awkward, Shane Harper gained considerable notice playing one of the kookier and weirder characters on an already kooky/weird show.

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YA Actor Interview - Keegan Allen Life.Love.Beauty. Pretty Little Liars Interview | Young Adult Mag

keegan allen interview. watch here:

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