Short Stories

YA Story - Abuse | Young Adult Mag Author: Jody Mabry

Nate woke up with a sudden jerk, hitting his head against the wall as he fell back.

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YA Story - Online | Young Adult Mag Author: Jody Mabry

It was half past midnight when Ginny flipped her computer on.

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YA Story - Childhood Bed | Young Adult Mag

Florescent green stars/Permanently stuck to the ceiling

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YA Story - No Problems Just Bliss | Young Adult Mag Author: Marianne van Katwijk

Do you ever wonder why life just seems to be so difficult?

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YA Story - The Text | Young Adult Mag Author: Benjamin J. Snider

They found her phone in a ditch with my text to her still open.

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YA Story - A Gulp of Karma | Young Adult Mag Author: JC Jacinto

It was the last bastion of the Spanish inquisition.

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YA Story - Brave | Young Adult Mag Author: Jenny Coon Peterson

Justin laced up his running shoes. The locker room was quiet.

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YA Story - Fooled | Young Adult Mag Author: Benjamin J. Snider

Hannah Langsford gasped as she saw the plus sign indicating she was pregnant.

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YA Talk - In Honor of World Refugee Day | Young Adult Mag

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YA Graphic - The Girl Behind the Hat | Young Adult Mag Author: issue 1

Get to know The Girl Behind the Hat

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